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Q: Can furniture be a fashion trend?

A: Yes, trends can also happen in furniture, but it is best to be trendy in small accents, like pillows, accessories, and pictures. They are less expensive to change as time passes, rather than main pieces of furniture.


Q: What about adding color in my home?

A: On color, if you want a lot, it can be your main upholstery. For a light touch stay neutral on large furniture items and splash up color with accessories.


Q: How do I know how much furniture to buy for a room?

A: That is the perfect time for an experienced interior designer to help. Normally for a small fee, a designer will space plan your room, which includes a color plan.


Q: If my husband is very tall and I am very short, what depth of sofa should we look for?

A: You would need a deeper sofa, normally 42", and the creative use of assorted toss pillows would balance the shorter person's needs.


Q: What is the appropriate amount of lighting for a room?

A: Lighting in a family room needs to be added to three areas, like a triangular shape, to insure proper reading light. Formal living rooms can have a low lighting effect to enhance the formality. When activities are determined for each room then the lighting should be more or less to fit your needs.


Q: What can I do to make my room appear larger?

A: Mirrors enlarge a room and using larger pieces of furniture, and less of them, will increase the importance and make the scale of a room look larger.


Q: What can I do to increase the dramatic effect of my room?

A: Custom window treatments add drama, color, and warmth to a room. Important looking accessories, art and a custom area rug will do the same.


Q: Should I try not to spend too much on my family room furniture and spend more on my formal room?

A: Exactly the opposite. You should buy better quality family room furniture because it gets high use, and will show wear and tear faster then a formal room. Formal living rooms rarely get used so that is where you can buy pretty furniture, but not as high quality as the family room. Wood pieces should always be good quality, look for solid wood pieces if available in your area.


Q: My kids have grown up and moved out, what should I do with the extra rooms?

A: Well first of all, make that fabulous guest room you always wanted. Then take one of the rooms, and make it a craft or workroom you never had. Possibly make one room a formal mini library or wine tasting room. Really do dramatic color on the walls and add a couple of fancy pictures and overstated wing chairs. Kind of a fantasy get-away room from the rest of the house. Small homes can be a mini-me mansion also.


Q: If I have a bold print on my sofa, do I go with solids on everything else?

A: No, typically bold prints and small patterns can be mixed together, given that the colors blend with one another. A large and small print/pattern is the key. Never large with large



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